Traffic Rules & International Driving Permit in Japan

Driver’s License Requirements

International Driving Permit

All drivers are required to present his/her driver’s license. The license must be valid in Japan to drive a rented vehicle. (i.e. 1. Japanese driver’s license 2. International driving permit under Convention of Road Traffic of 1949 or 3. Japanese translation issued by an authorized organization for licenses issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Taiwan, Slovenia or Monaco as well as original driving license issued in these countries/area).
See below for details.
(4. Only for US service members in Japan) “U.S. FORCES, JAPAN-OPERATOR’S PERMIT FOR CIVILIAN VEHICLE” and ID card “ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES”: if the permit is only for BASE ONLY, please also show your original State’s license as well. )

1. Japanese Driver’s License
You are only permitted to drive vehicle types allowed by the classification of your Japanese driver's license.
2. International Driving Permit under the Convention
Please present your passport as well.

  • International driver’s permits are valid for one (1) year from the date of issue (please confirm the date of issue) and their validity for driving in Japan is one (1) year from the date of entry into Japan (confirmed by the immigration stamp in the passport showing the date of entry into Japan).
    However, persons on the basic resident register who leave Japan and subsequently re-enter the country within less than three (3) months, will not have their re-entry date considered as their date of entry (the start date for driving eligibility in Japan).
  • International driving permits acquired from signatory countries to the Paris Convention (1926), the Washington Convention (1943) or the Vienna Convention (1968) are not accepted.
  • For operating vehicles with more than nine (9) seats, including the driver’s seat, a stamp in the category D box is required. (Applicable car type: Class W-B or larger minivans and microbuses)
International Driving Permit
  1. Issuing country
  2. Year of Convention, which should be “1949”. (No other year is permitted for driving in Japan.)
  3. Date of Issue. Permit valid for 1 year from this date
  4. Stamp of authenticated organization
  5. Refer to the information below for restrictions on vehicle type
3. Authorized Japanese Translation
If you have a driver’s license issued in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Taiwan, Slovenia or Monaco, you are required to present your original driver’s license, the authorized Japanese translation and your passport.
Translations are valid for one (1) year from the date of entry into Japan. Please present your passport so we can confirm the date of entrance.
  • Authorized Japanese translation of the driver’s license should be issued by the respective country’s embassy or consulate in Japan or by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF).
  • For Taiwanese licenses, a Japanese translation of the driver’s license should be issued by the JAF or the East Asia Relations Commission.
Domestic License & Translation


How to Make a Reservation
Reservations can be made using the following form.
How to change/cancel your reservation Changes/Cancellation of Reservation E-mail:
Please include the following items:
  1. Whether you are changing or cancelling
  2. Your reservation number
  3. The name of the driver
  4. The pick-up location
  5. The pick-up date and time
  6. If you are changing your reservation, please provide us with the details of the changes.

e-mail address:

Optional Equipment/Items

Rates for Rental Options
Options Rate Notes
Car Navigation System Free Available free of charge for all vehicle types.
Child Safety Seat 1,080 yen/rental Age: 9 months - 4 years
Height: 65cm - 100cm
Weight: 9kg - 15kg
Junior Safety Seat 1,080 yen/rental Age: Over 4 years
Height: Up to 138cm
Weight: Up to 36kg

Cancellation Fees and Other Costs

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation charges apply for the cancellation of reservations. If you do not show
up without notice more than one hour's notice after the reserved time of car pick up, the
reservation will be cancelled. The same amount will be paid by Niconico
Rent a Car in the event that a reservation is cancelled by Niconico Rent a Car
and a rental agreement is not made. No such charges apply when the
reservations and cancellation is made on the same day.

Cancellation Charges Up to 3 days prior to the date of rental Charges do not apply Maximum charge JPY 4,300
Up to 1 day or 2 day prior to the date of rental 30% of the basic rate
Date of rental 50% of the basic rate
Cancellation Charges
Up to 3 days prior to the date of rental Charges do not apply
Up to 1 day prior to the date of rental 30% of the basic rate
Date of rental 50% of the basic rate

*Maximum charge JPY 4,300

Fuel Charges
All vehicles must be refuelled before being returned. A specified ruling charge will be applied if vehicles are not refueled before being returned (the charge may be higher than the cost of refueling the vehicle).
How to Fuel the Vehicle

Step 1:

The fuel tank opening varies for each vehicle. Please look for the fuel tank opening prior to refueling, or check for the labels (shown to the right) inside of your vehicle.

Be sure to shut off the engine before opening the fuel tank cover.

Step 2:

Choose a payment method and fuel type.

Step 3:

Touch the anti-static panel, and remove the fuel cap. If you choose full tank, for the amount, fueling will stop automatically.

DANGER: Be careful not to overfill the tank.

NOC (Non-Operation Charge) -Equivalent to Loss-of-Use Charge

NOC will apply as part of the compensation for loss of use, arising from the non-usability of the rented vehicle during the repairing or cleaning period in the following cases; when Niconico Rent a Car is not liable - traffic accidents, theft, engine failure, stains, etc. These charges will be the same, regardless of the degree of the damage and the time required for repair.

  • *NOC is not covered by CDW.
  • *No tax is imposed on NOC.
When the rented vehicle is returned to the originally designated location JPY 20,000
Other JPY 50,000

From Pick-up to Return

At the office
Please make sure to bring the following items with you:
  1. International driving permit or authorized Japanese translation of your driver’s license + Original driver’s license (limited to 6 countries/areas) or Japanese driver’s license
  2. Passport, if you do not have Japanese driver’s license.
  3. An accepted credit card
  • ※ Accepted credit cards vary depending on the store location. Please check the details for each location, or contact us at any time.
  • We will make a photocopy of your license, related documents and passport.
  • You will be requested to read the Rental Agreement and other related papers, and sign if you agree with the terms and conditions.
  • Payment by credit card is required at the time of pick-up. Payments in cash are accepted (excluding certain vehicles and areas) if you do not have a credit card, but you will need to provide acceptable identification.
  • Our staff will ask you to check and confirm the condition of the vehicle while completing car pick-up procedures.
Please refuel before you return your vehicle to our rental office.
Please show us the fuel receipt on return.
Our staff will then check the condition of your vehicle with you.
Check to make sure that you have not left any belongings inside the vehicle and we hope that you have a safe and pleasant journey home.

Precautions When Driving a Car in Japan

Precautions When Driving a Car in Japan

Precautions Regarding Traffic Rules

Precautions Regarding Traffic Rules
Please do not park cars illegally
Plese do not park cars illegally

Please Do Not Park Cars Illegally.

If a parking violation sticker called the "Hochisharyo Kakunin-Hyosho" has been attached to the car:


Promptly report to the police station holding jurisdiction and complete the prescribed procedures.


After you complete payment of the parking fine at a designated institution, you may return the vehicle.


At the time of returning the vehicle, please present the traffic offense statement and payment-receipt certificate etc. with the receipt date for confirmation by the company.


Please pay the parking fine prior to returning the car.


If you cannot show the traffic offense statement and the payment-receipt certificate etc., in other words, if the company is unable to confirm the payment of penalty, you must pay the following penalty for illegal parking:
Ordinary Sized Vehicles 25,000JPY

Repayment of the illegal parking fine
If you pay the fine at a later date and show us the traffic offense statement and the payment-receipt certificate etc., we will refund the illegal parking penalty. For the refund, we will transfer the money to your designated bank account. The transfer fee is paid by the customer.

Measures for Non-payment of Fines, etc.
If illegal parking fines remain unpaid and if the company is unable to confirm payment of the fine, those customers may be refused use of the company's rental cars in the future.

Payment of costs related to moving the vehicle
When a vehicle needs to be moved due to illegal parking, including the case when another party's parking lot is used without permission, we allow the car to be moved (including transportation by towing, etc.) at the rental store's discretion. In that case, the total related costs, which include car towing costs, must be paid by the customer.

Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs
Traffic Signs Traffic Signs Traffic Signs

Guide Signs

Traffic Signs
Traffic Signs