What has NICONICO Rent a Car been doing?

NICONICO Rent A Car is a proud sponsor of NADESHIKO LEAGUE Team.
NADESHIKOpart of Japan's Women's Professional Soccer Nadeshiko League. By cheering for and supporting our team, we hope that we can bring smiles to people all over Japan. Look for one of our signboards, supporting our team, at Haneda Airport!
NICONICO Rent a Car has over 1,400 shops throughout Japan.
Many of these shops are located within the centers of many cities and towns, allowing us to interact with our community. Out of these 1,400 shops, we have opened six of them for foreign visitors. These six locations were chosen to have good access to Airports and the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) for maximum convenience for our foreign travelers. If you come to Japan, keep an eye out for one of our shops and signboards! You are bound to see the NICONICO smile as you travel through Japan!
NICONICO Rent a Car was introduced on the 'Japan the Official Guide' website and the 'Japan Info' website.
Although the train system is very developed in Japan, there are places that are only accessible by cars. When you want to explore these places be sure to bring your valid International License, and you can rent a car from us! We will be happy to be a part of a memorable trip!Japan the Official Guide  Japan Info