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We started using Hokkaido Expressway Pass

Price chartPrice until March 2017

Number of days of use 2days 3days 4days 5days 6days 7days 8days 9days 10days 11days 12days 13days 14days
Price(yen) ¥3,600 ¥5,100 ¥6,200 ¥6,700 ¥7,200 ¥7,700 ¥8,200 ¥8,700 ¥9,300 ¥9,800 ¥10,300 ¥10,800 ¥11,300
Per Day(yen) ¥1,800 ¥1,700 ¥1,550 ¥1,340 ¥1,200 ¥1,100 ¥1,025 ¥967 ¥930 ¥891 ¥858 ¥831 ¥807

The rental charges for the vehicle and ETC card are not included.

Easy access! Our shops are located near
major airports and train stations.

Great value! Lower rates than other major
rental car companies, for the same cars!

Simple reservation process, makes it easy
for travellers to rent cars in Japan!

Vehicles and Rates

Only the class is selectable. Models are assigned based on availability.
The colors of the cars may differ from the images above.
Only non-smoking cars are available

    • Kclass
      660 CC
    • Vehicles
      Honda Life
      Daihatsu Move
      Suzuki WagonR
      Other similar models are available. Images not to scale.
      Honda Life, Daihatsu
      Move, Suzuki WagonR, etc.
    • Up to 24hrs
    • Max Seating
      4 people
    • Sample Configuration

      x 4
    • Book Now!
    • SPclass
      660 - 1350 CC
    • Vehicles
      Toyota Vitz
      Honda Fit
      Mazda Demio
      Other similar models are available. Images not to scale.
      Toyota Vitz, Honda
      Fit, Mazda Demio, etc.
    • Up to 24hrs
    • Max Seating
      4 to 5 people
    • Sample Configuration

      x 5
    • Book Now!
    • GPclass
      1350+ CC
    • Vehicles
      Nissan Cube
      Toyota Corolla
      Honda Stream
      Other similar models are available. Images not to scale.
      Nissan Cube, Toyota
      Corolla, Honda Stream, etc.
    • Up to 24hrs
    • Max Seating
      4 to 5 people
    • Sample Configuration

      x 4
      x 5
      x 4
    • Book Now!
    • Fclass
      1350+ CC
    • Vehicles
      Toyota Noah
      Nissan Serena
      Honda Stepwagon
      Other similar models are available. Images not to scale.
      Honda Stepwagon, Toyota
      Noah, Nissan Serena, etc.
    • Up to 24hrs
    • Max Seating
      7 to 8 people
    • Sample Configuration
      x 5
      x 5
      x 8
      x 3
    • Book Now!

Suitcases < 76L x 48W x 30H (cm)
Bags < 55L x 40W x 25H (cm)

Vehicles and Rates

Find the car that perfectly fits your driving needs.

How To Use

Learn about the basic steps to rent your car.


Frequently asked questions can be found here.

Words From Our Customers

【2017/6/14 K Class】
The staff's attitude was kind and speedy and it was comfortable to use. Also the response to telephone inquiries until rent was concise and easy to understand. Transportation with the airport was speedy and satisfactory.

【2017/6/3 K Class】
I am satisified with new clean car and the staff at the shop were kind and familier. I think that I will also use it next time.

【2017/6/3 G Class】
In addition to pick up service, we were able to flexibly correspond to attaching mat for newborn baby's child seat and it was very comfortable to use. I would like to take this opportunity again.

【2017/6/3 K Class】
It is low in cost, rich in variety, we feel the service is more than normal. I will use without hesitation if you have shop where my business trip!

【2017/6/2 G Class】
Staff were able to tell me the explanations exactly, so I rented it smoothly without particular problems. It was the 5th time in this use, but the reception by the Narita shop was particularly good. I also want to use it next time.

【2017/5/31 F Class】
It was very good thanks to clear explanation and smooth response. I definitely want to use it again!

【2017/5/31 S Class】
I could drive with my dog. It was very helpful. The airport pick up was also helpful. I want to use it again.

【2017/5/27 K Class】
I was pleased that I clould get on a very nice car thought the price was cheap. Althought I used it on demand this time, I was satisfied very much because it was cheaper to bollow your car than the taxi round trip fare going to the destination. I wanted to to use it by all means next time as well.

【2017/5/24 SP Class】
It was very kind. Those who told us were very bright and taught information for the local people, and it was fun trip. Thank you very much!

【2017/5/23 K Class】
I always use it pleasantly. I think that it is very good with phone response and customer service feeling bright.

【2017/5/19 T1 Class】
I am sorry for the correspondence of this car and staff at this price. Regardless of the transportation from the station, I am very greatful and worthy of respect for polite staff. I went back forth to Shizuoka, but it was hard to believe that I was a light box van and I could comfortably fo go home safety.

【2017/5/19 K Class】
We thank you for taking care of the shuttle to Shin-Yokohama station in detail. The car was almost like a new car, and comfortable. Although I thought that it was difficult to find the place of return, however I was able to set it easily and come back to the shop without hesitation. Thank you very much.

【2017/5/19 K Class】
Staff and vehicles at Nagasaki Airport shop are wonderful.

【2017/5/17 G Class】
Thanks to the vehicle I rented this time, I was able to travel satisfactorily with my friends. I will certainly use it next time!

【2017/5/16 S Class】
It was my first time in Nagasaki, so I was uneasy but thank you very much for your kind understanding of the sightseeing and kindly to respond to phone calls and pick ups. I had a pleasant trip.

【2017/5/15 K Class】
Nagasaki Airport shop correspondence and vehicle are always perfect. Thank you very much.

【2017/5/14 K Class】
The shop is easy to find from the highway exit. Staff's correspondence was also well, and I did the procedure in a handy manner. It was good to be able to minimize the procedure on the day as credit settlement can be completed when making a web reservation.

【2017/5/13 K Class】
There was a shuttle to the shop and it was very helpful. It was comfortable to use. I first used NICO NICO, but I felt that I want to use it again.

【2017/5/12 K Class】
It will be the 4th use, but I am satisfies every time.

【2017/5/12 S Class】
It was very kind and recommended course to the destination, road information was taught and sent out pleasantly. I will definitely use again. Friends who traveled together are also very satisfied!

【2017/5/10 K Class】
The shop staff were kind. I will rent again when I go to Hokkaido next time.

【2017/5/9 S Class】
I am using regularly, the correspondence of all staff is good and I am satisfied with the service that I got through.

【2017/5/9 S Class】
Transportation to and from Narita airport is very appreciated. The rented car was S Class Demio but it was very economical to use with a very fuel efficient and cheap car rental price. I would like to use it again.

【2017/5/8 S Class】
It was a good car with low fuel consumption and running stability. Customer service was also very kind, flexible and very satisfying. I recommend Narita shop to my friends.

【2017/5/4 F Class】
The staff's attentiveness is wonderful, I want to use it again when coming to Kagoshima.It's cheap, the procedure is easy, and it's not complaining!

【2017/5/4 T1 Class】
It's cheap, the procedure is easy, and it's not complaining!

【2017/5/4 SP Class】
I have enjoyed GW trip with my child. Thank you for your kindness.

【2017/5/3 F Class】
The interior of the car was spacious and it was comfortable for children. Despite the high season, the price was also conscientious and good ☆ Thank you.

【2017/5/3 S Class】
I am always grateful for your help. I am always helped by polite and prompt response. Also, the smile of the staff is appreciated. Thank you in the future.

【2017/5/3 K Class】
The procedure at departure and return were quick and polite. The car was also comfortable. The location of the store was close to the airport and it was convenient. I would like to use it again if I have the opportunity.

【2017/5/3 K Class】
It was the second use, it corresponded very carefully. It was correspondence that we met with greetings, seeing off, and nothing else. We accepted reception desk well in a short time.

【2017/5/2 SP Class】
I am allowed to use it many times, it is always polite and feel good. Airport transfers are also very helpful with quick response without stress. I will also use again.

【2017/5/1 S Class】
With injury, considering my wife who is difficult to walk with crutches.. The staff sent us to the airport. Thanks to you, I can not afford the time.. I was able to arrive on the way back at the airport check-in which was crowded due to holidays with smooth boarding. Thank you so much for your kind response.

【2017/4/30 SP Class】
I always rent here. It was also a polite response this time. I will rent again.

【2017/4/29 S Class】
It is my second time, but I am very satisfied with the price. Please let me use again :)

【2017/4/25 GP Class】
The shop staff and the driver's hospitality were very kind and it was wonderful!

【2017/4/25 K Class】
Employees are very happy with kindness:) I would like to rent there next time. Thank you very much!

【2017/4/23 S Class】
I rented the car for the first time. The procedure was smooth and satisfactory without problems!

【2017/4/22 S Class】
The correspondence of employees is bright and it is really good:)

【2017/4/22 K Class】
The employee was kind and they told me how to operate the car. It was good response to the forgotten thing was also kind and good. I want to use it again!

【2017/4/15 SP Class】
All of the employees, they were very kind, very polite, and truly heartful correspondence was done. I have never had a wonderful response like a shop here at a car rental store I've ever used. I was deeply impressed and truthfully, honestly! Since it became a feeling that I would like to use again, whenever I use car rental in Hokkaido, please be sure! I am going to use the store here. I really thank you for doing such a wonderful response!

【2017/4/15 S Class】
There was nothing to worry about, such as service, maintenance of cars, customer service and etc… We enjoyed driving comfortably. Thank you:)

【2017/4/14 S Class】
The staff were corresponded pleasantly and I was able to use it pleasantly. Also, when there is opportunity to use car rental, I would like to use NICO NICO RENT A CAR next time as well. Thank you very much.

【2017/4/14 K Class】
I appriciate the employees polite explanation and prompt response at the time of trouble. It really helped me. I'm really thankful to you!

【2017/4/11 S Class】
A polite correspondence has made my heart warm. Thank you very much. I will be using this again.

【2017/4/11 S Class】
The shop is convinient near the airport, and employee was nice. I would like to use it again when I go to Fukuoka next time.

【2017/4/8 K Class】
Vehicle is new and also cost performance is very good. It was easy to use such as notification that the car ahead of the vehicle started by rader, back monitor and so on.

【2017/4/8 S Class】
I felt that employee's mannar was very good. I would like to use it again later this month. Even when I made a reservation by phone in other than that, I am satisfied with the correspondence being good. It is a rental car shop where customers become smiles:)

【2017/4/5 SP Class】
They corresponded smoothly to changing the returning time suddenly for us. Thanks for the help!

【2017/4/4 G Class】
I am always grateful for your help. Even with a sudden schedule, they correspond smoothly.

【2017/2/15 K Class】
It is quick to get to and from the airport and lending and returning is also faster. I was able to enjoy a pleasant trip in a clean car. I certainly would like to rent again. Thank you very much.

【2017/2/13 G Class】
The fuel efficiency of Prius was very good, and it was possible to suppress gasoline cost. Thank you very much.

【2016/6/11 SP Class】
The shuttle was very clean and high-grade. Also, the driver was very nice and helpful. He smiled a lot and made my trip a little better! Thank you!

【2016/6/7 K Class】
The staff was alway smiling and very helpful! I will be using NICONICO Rent a Car again.

【2016/6/5 SP Class】
I am very satisfied with the service I recieved. I picked-up the car early in the morning, and the staff was still very polite and helpful to me. I'll be coming back!

【2016/5/28 GP Class】
I was satisfied with both the service and the car. The staff here was exceptional. Better service than most shops I have been to. Thanks a lot!

【2016/5/26 SP Class】
The price was very reasonable and the service was good. The staff was very polite. Also their station pick-up service was very nice.

【2016/5/14 SP Class】
I needed a car on a short notice, so I decided to give NICONICO a call. They booked my reservation immediately over the phone. I rented an SP class. It was very clean and pleasant to drive. I'll be using NICONICO again! Thank you!

【2016/5/11 F Class】
The staff was always polite, well-mannered, and friendly and it was reflected in the atmosphere of the shop. Thank you very much!

【2016/5/9 K Class】
Compared to other rental car shops I have used, NICONICO's service was the best, and what makes it even better, was that NICONICO was also cheaper. I will definitely be renting from NICONICO again! I would highly recommend NICONICO to anybody.

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Sponsorship:International Travel Expo Hong Kong, TKS
Duration:Thursday, June 15,2017 to Sunday, June 18, 2017
Venue:Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center(HKCEC)
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NICONICO RENT A CAR was featured by Abroadin Japan on youtube!

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